Hi, I’m Jack.

nice to (sort of) meet you.

• Dyson Creative Challenge Runner Up 2023
• JDO Raw Shortlister 2023 
• First Class Honours in BA Graphic Design

I’m a designer from Birmingham and what intrigues me more than a project’s mission or status, is its ambition.  When something aims high it’s hard not to be captivated - it’s exciting to hear, to watch and  even more, it often reflects people with passion - a collaboration exciting to be a part of!

Graduating from Arts University Bournemouth with first class honours, I had the privilege to collaborate with, and submit work to likes of Dyson, D&AD, RSA, ISTD and JDO Raw. Since then, I have been on the hunt for a junior design position and have been able to keep my skills honed through freelance work.

Most recently, I have completed a full brand identity for a start up film grant, ‘My World’, founded by Emmy award winning partners and I am currently gaining experience at one of Birmingham’s leading branding studios, Notepad. If the past three years have taught me anything it’s to be open in all respects and to be proactive wherever you can be. 

My greatest strength lies in conceptual thinking; however I am lucky enough to boast a multi-disciplined and broad skill set that leaves me well equipped to deliver on any challenge presented to me. I’m always looking to expand my capabilities and would love to gain more experiences within teams that are driven by cause before cost.

If that sounds like you, I’d love to have a chat and who knows - maybe it will be the start of something exciting!